Thursday, June 30, 2016

June 27, 2016

Here is the e-mail and some pictures we got from Mason this week - it is now less than 50 days (47 to be exact) until he comes home!!

So this week we pretty much just stayed in Thurso except to see the people who live outside Thurso. And I do know I go home in 50 days I'm doing the Doctrine and Convents count down, that is where you read D&C starting from official declaration 2 and go to section 1. I hope I don't get moved I want to die in Thurso, If I die in Thurso my last Sunday on the mission will need to be in Inverness then I can say good bye to every one there and maybe do something with some of the members Saturday night. 

Things are going good with Elder Burgess. This week it wasn't too different we did a lot of finding, but we got a new investigator. His name is Neal and he seems like a really cool guy we have only seen him once and now he is on vacation for the week, so hopefully we will see him next week. Other than finding we saw Lee and Naomi on Wednesday, Rebecca and Arran on Thursday as well as another less active named Brenda. And we did some service on the Winkle's croft this week as well as the Tolworthy's. So its been a good week. Not a whole lot of really exciting stuff. But Invergordon is up today so we are going to have some more fun with them. 

Love and miss you guys.

These pictures are at Dunnett Head which is the mostly northerly point of the United Kingdom. Mason's new companion, Elder Burgess is on the far left. The other two missionaries are the elders from Invergordon.

At Loch Ness so Elder Burgess could become immortal.

Some place in Inverness.

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